Zombie Shooter - Survive the undead outbreak

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Author: Sigma Team
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.6
Size: 40M
Version: 3.3.9
With a fresh look, the legendary game that captured many PC gamers' hearts is now available for Android! All of the world is at risk. Find the escape center and take part in the epic battle to survive. Zombie Shooter features: - All the same furious gameplay as Alien Shooter. The game has a full story. You can also access a global map that includes many tasks. A vast arsenal of weapons, including classic assault rifles and plasma guns. There are many boosters available, such as grenades and nanobots. They also include armor, medical kits, armor, and implants. Prepare to kill all zombies, and save humanity from complete destruction! Android now has the legendary, top-down isometric Zombieshotter! You will find many boosters and gear, including armor and implants, nanobots, grenades and nanobots. You can see up to 100 zombies at once! You can kill zombies and earn money. Combat the undead. Upgrading your tools is possible! Clearing the undead is the best way to make money! Your hard earned money can be spent on new weaponry of destruction. You can upgrade and purchase a wide range of weapons, including assault rifles and plasma guns. You can also get a lot of gear, including armor, nanobots and medical kits. THE POST-Apocalypse POPULATION HAS INSTALLED WITH ZOMBIES. THE WORLD NEEDS YOU! You'll enjoy the chaos and guns of the zombie outbreak but you can also immerse yourself into the rich, narrative-driven gameplay. Find out why and how the virus spread, as well as who is responsible. You might discover answers that you never expected. You can be the global zombie hunter. Save the world! Collect all your weapons and stop the zombie apocalypse. Get your free download now We are grateful for your support. We are able to keep creating great new games thanks to your support! We value your feedback, suggestions and comments.
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