Mars Future - build a city on Mars

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Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.3
Size: 50M
Version: 1.1.0
Be one of the Mars explorers. The first experiments with gravity and atmospheric pressure have produced the results. The spread of animals and plants is already underway. A flight from Marks to the future will take only a few hours. Let's go! Discover the secrets of the universe and discover the unknown. Find answers to mysteries. You will find artifacts, abandoned bunkers and buried tunnels that prove the earthlings weren't the first to reach the planet. Was it ever even inhabited? You can explore paranormal locations that no one has ever visited, and discover what is happening there. You can be the first! Construction of facilities. Make use of all the natural resources and most modern robots. You can host guests from around the Galaxy, surprise them with entertainment and service, and you will make a huge profit that you can use for research and development. Transform your planet. You can create unique structures on Earth by using the available objects - Martian river bed beds, glaciers and craters. There are more than 50 options. You will also receive unique buildings as a reward for taking part in competitions and events. They are futuristic in design and perfectly fit the strange landscape. Have fun with your friends. You can count on generosity from your friends if you offer help and share resources. You can make progress. You can achieve interesting things, get rewards and achievements, and open up new areas. Your region should grow and prosper. You can explore the outer space colonization world, where your entrepreneurial spirit will be rewarded and you'll have opportunities to apply your skills as a city planner, explorer and businessman. You can play anywhere you want, at any moment.
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