Blade Reborn - Forge Your Destiny

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Author: Snail Games USA Inc
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.2
Size: 69M
Version: 1.2.4
For my fellow warriors, The illusion of serenity has tricked us for much too long. As we talk, the Demon race is plotting a large-scale invasion of our realm to pilfer our lucky iron ore. Darkness is rising, its inevitable - we need to band together and prepare it. Grab your firearms, dive into the underworld and battle for the greater good! CLASSIC DUNGEON CRAWLING LOOT-BASED GAMEPLAY - Scatter the Demon raceprotect the lucky iron! - Explore and construct your legend in a variety of diabolical worlds. - Collect heaps of loot and gold in endless dungeon instances. Master over 64 unique skills and talents for each class. - Switch weapons freely during combat - create stylish combos by shifting weapons on the fly. Master all of your weapons skills to dominate even the most powerful enemies. YOUR GEAR, YOUR STYLE - Discover countless weapons to locate the most powerful random features for each bit of loot you'll find. - Craft powerful runes, master different talents and produce your own unique playstyle. - Customize your outfits by dying them to your precise specifications. ENDLESS DUNGEONS, DIVERSE GAMEPLAY - Play solo or queue with buddies for dungeon instances, vie on MOBA-style battlefields, and risk your own life in massive 25v25 struggles. - Challenge powerful Globe Bosses, Treasure Bosses, and more! GLORIOUS WORLDS, BREATHTAKING ACTION - Expertise phenomenal images with HD mapping, next-gen exceptional effects, all powered with the latest Flexi engine. - Immerse yourself in visceral combat action with extreme feedback and gorgeous visual effects. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on social media for all the latest information of Blade Reborn, occasions, and much more: Facebook: Twitter:
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