Designer City 2: city building game

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Author: Sphere Game Studios - City Building Games
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.5
Size: 86M
Version: 1.27
Design and build a town, cultivate and expand it into a gigantic sprawling metropolis. DESIGN AND BUILD YOUR CITY To build a thriving town , this free city building game, you will need to entice occupants by building homes, condos, flats and skyscrapers to allow them to reside in. Once they've settled in, they'll require employment opportunities so you will also construct businesses and industry where they can work. Add bars, restaurants, theatres, stadiums and other entertainment centers to keep your people content. Your residents do not want to stay in a polluted town so it is important to zone your city and make certain you decorate your city with plenty of trees, parks and actual life iconic buildings from all over the world. Manage water and power supplies for your town, provide trash removal and farm the land to produce food to feed your city. Joyful sims will work harder and make more income that you shell out building and enhancing your city skyline. Manage large transportation networks, within this city contractor game, to keep your taxpayers moving both day and night. Build large seaports and airports to boost industry and travel in this build a town building game. Lower the property to create lakes, rivers and coastlines. Raise it to create elevated land, mountains and hills. Totally unique in city building games! Enjoy the'non poly' art fashion since you build and expand your way to the very best inside this citybuilder. Imagine if your city skyline look just like when you have finished building your dream city skylines within this town builder game? Designer City 2 offers you the absolute freedom to design and build a town your style. Strategy and develop your city building however you wish. A city building game at your own rate, your own style and your own leadership. Play this build a town game offline or online. Design your ideal city skyline and create an remarkable city. Play competitively and reach the very top of numerous city building pioneer boards and see different towns and cities globally for inspiration. If you love town building games then this will be the city building game to you. Happy designing! Designer City two is the most recent installment in the Designer City'city builder games' series. Note: Designer City two can be played entirely free. Some totally optional in-game pieces, such as purchasing game money, will demand payment.
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