X-CORE. Galactic Plague. Offline Strategy game.

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Author: Gyro-Games
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.2
Size: 97M
Version: 1.32
New race! New update! Powerful Cult of the Ancients chose to take on the Earth. Do you feel this is just a strategy game? It is about human existence! Perform as ancient cultists with a brand new unique battle strategy. Plunge into the abyss of insanity by developing a psychological outbreak of a pandemic. Utilize a sinister strategy to destroy humanity. But be careful to not go insane yourself before finishing the Great Ritual. Enjoy a fresh cult strategy games at the greatest traditions of Howard Lovecraft. X-Core. Galactic Plague is a strategy game of a predator outbreak. Perform as mysterious invaders. It's similar to a plague that takes over cities and continents, very secretly, then seemingly until the earth is destroyed. Attempt to take over the Earth. Don't let people raise the rebellion. Develop a strategy to take on the entire world. It does not matter who you play with for - insectoids, historical aliens, energetic entities, or even the mighty USSR race - United Space Socialistic Republics. Think carefully, act quickly, conquer continents and cities. Galactic Plague will allow you to utilize your mind. Don't let humanity find you too early. Prepare the earth for the alien invasion. This isn't only a strategy game - that is really a galactic battle. The winner will receive the Earth. X-Core. Take on the use of mysterious invaders and attack earthlings using the game mechanics like in Plague or Pandemic. Test yourself. Fight earthlings. X-Core. Galactic Plague isn't a typical strategy game. It's a real war. A distance war depicting a conflict of alien cultures and earthlings. There have been wars, yet this battle you will never forget. Like the plague, galaxy dinosaurs will strike the earth and leave just a fallout wasteland following them. Aliens are attacking as never before! Pathetic earthlings cant prevent the invasion. They have to prepare their own primitive weapons, missiles, tanks all which may help them survive this battle. Major upgrade trees enable you to evolve at the center of your invasion company. Aliens vs. Earthlings a trivial theme for many strategy games. A trivial subject turned upside down can make you feel like a pioneer of an alien invasion military. Its up to you the way you can proceed. X-files will not assist earthlings, XCOM will not save earthlings. They're dead or muddy. Forward, my area general! Function as plague, function as the outbreak, evolve, kill, and conquer!
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