Fieldrunners 2

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Author: Subatomic Studios, LLC
Category: Games, Casual
Rating: 4.0
Size: 70M
Version: 1.8
Get Prepared to DEFEND THE WORLD! The largest sequel in tower defense background is now available for Android phones and tablets: Fieldrunners two has arrived! From Subatomic Studios, creators of the award winning classic strategy game comes with an all new adventure which had been decades in the building. Collect epic mazes from powerful weapons to shield the planet against the invading fieldrunners! The fieldrunners are back! With legions of troops and a gaggle of new tips, theyre ready to conquer the planet. So they think! Our top scientists at SubaLabs have assembled a bleeding-edge arsenal of devastating weapons for virtually any heroes eager to stop those dastardly invaders. Help your visitors by doing actions - DEFEND THE WORLD! Strategic-Action-Puzzle-Defense hasn't been this enjoyable and addicting! Shield your world from the invasion by constructing winding paths from new, creative weapons. Call in airstrikes and set explosive traps to strike the enemies where it hurts. More than 20 new degrees span the grassiest fields, driest deserts, sparkling cities, and even an infernal volcano lair! Challenge your mind with all the exciting new gameplay styles in Puzzle, Sudden Death, and Time Display degrees. Combine the defense, today! Key Characteristics: - Pint sized invaders looking for revenge! - A tower which starts bee hives! - Lots of levels in a 20+ hour campaign! - Revolutionary AI - every enemy creates a lively, realistic path through the battlefield! - 20 unique, upgradeable weapons! - Custom loadouts allow you pick the ideal weapons for every single conflict! - Air strikes, mines, and powerful items so it is possible to strike the precision of a surgeon! - Trenches, bridges, and tunnels include new dimension to gameplay! - Gather all of the Elite enemies to turn into the greatest tower defense champion! - A tower which turns enemies to barnyard animals! Thanks for playing! Subatomic Studios thanks you all for playing our latest game! We place a tremendous quantity of passion into crafting one of the ideal tower defense games ever made, so we hope you like it. Thank you! NOTE ABOUT IN APP PURCHASES: The in program purchases in Fieldrunners two are totally optional. They're there to be used by gamers who want a quick method to get extra coins. If you are not fond of IAP, rest assured that you can definitely beat the game without them.
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