Catopia: Rush

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Author: Supercolony
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 3.9
Size: 323M
Version: 1.5.0
Catopia: Rush takes players to a fantasy realm filled with monsters, dungeons. A raid party consisting of heroes cats is your responsibility. Each cat has their unique role and skill. You can launch arrows out of your bow, or fire bolts with fire magic using one-handed controls. Your team will follow you as you move and shoot. While anyone can play, mastery of the game is possible through harder challenges. Keep your warriors healthy, your mages protected, and damage dealers working as you battle each boss in dungeons. The Hero of the player can only be hurt, but the entire team will fall if they are injured. This action will be paired with the most adorable, funny and zaniest cat characters from mech pilots to sentient breads. Catopia: Rush is here! Get out your bows, swords and wands ready Features: * SUPER SIMPLE AND FUN CONTROLS Move, attack and control your cat with easy controls You can unleash powerful attacks right at your fingertips. Watch your Hero cat fight alongside you. * DETROY HORDES MONSTERS Take on hundreds of powerful bosses and monsters through various dungeons. Enjoy dozens upon dozens of special attacks that will delight you and destroy waves of enemies. * UNLOCK CHARACTERS FROM A EXPANDING ROSTER Discover unique characters with interesting personalities and tales. Pick one Hero, three Allies, and one Support, Warrior or Mage role. There will be more characters added over time! * CREATE A PURRFECT TEAM Unlock cat heroes to create the perfect team. Use a mixture of creative strategies and cats to defeat your enemies. * POWER AND UPGRADE - Increase the power and potential of your cat! To increase your Cat Power, you can gain incredible power. Leveling up with 10 Talent sets for 100 upgrades will make your hero attack patterns stronger! * BUILD A VILLAGE- IDLE SYSTEM Your village buildings can gather materials even when you aren't there! These materials can be used to build your cat team without the need for grinding. Bring Catopia back to its glory * COMPETE ON LEADERBOARDS Each level comes with stars and an opportunity to climb a leaderboard. There are additional leaderboards for each character and chapter. You can earn points by speed and combos, or you can really increase your score when you beat a level without being hit. CHALLENGES - Earn more rewards with special challenge rooms. These challenges are designed to test your skills and allow you to earn specialized reward packages. Get this RPG and save Catopia now! Catopia can be played for free, however you will need to pay for some in-game items.
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