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Category: Health & Fitness
Rating: 4.1
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Version: 1.9
This is the ANDROID version of THE MOST INGENIOUS MOBILE-WORKOUT APP IN THE WORLD (Number 1 for iOS for more than a year). THIS Awarded-Winning HEALTH & FITNESS app HAS ALL YOU NEED TO PLAN OR TRACK YOUR FITNESS PROGRAM. The App Store has named it "App of the week" and No.1 Health & Fitness App - Appstore Rewind 2011. lists it as one of the top 20 best apps to help you lose weight. ZDnet: "Anyone who is interested in rehabilitation or sports training will instantly see the value of this app." --- Tuaw "iMuscle" is a professional-quality app, yet user-friendly that allows users to work out with minimal injuries and maximum efficiency. This is an excellent fitness tool for personal and professional use. Apptudes "iMuscle" is a highly effective workout tool. --- App Of The Day "iMuscle" is a fantastic option to learn how to stretch and exercise specific muscle groups. Lifehacker. "iMuscle lets everyone, from novices to fitness gurus, create and manage a customized exercise plan that suits their needs. --- 148 apps PREMIUM CONTEN: iMuscle 2, which allows users to zoom in on a specific area of our 3D body, and tap on a particular muscle to display exercises and stretches that are targeted at the rehabilitation and/or development of the muscle. Simply add the identified muscle to your workout. Our animations provide guidance on the proper execution of each exercise. iMuscle 2 is not only for individuals, it was also designed to be used with clients by physiotherapists and fitness coaches. iMUSCLE2'S TOP FEATURES ARE : Zoom-in and rotate to see a 3D model of your body with all the musculature visible to show deep and superficial muscles. A new, sleek interface that makes it easy to locate workouts and exercises areas with animated icons. More than 650 3D animated exercises for home and gym users. Tap muscles to locate exercises that are associated with them. You can search for exercises by type or area. You can add custom exercises to our app database. Drag & Drop makes it easy to create workouts. You will receive prompts regarding set, rep, and weight. You can share your workouts via email with clients, friends and/or workout partners. Track your body measurements easily. You can track statistics of individual workouts and entire sessions. You can share your progress by e-mailing, Facebook and Twitter. Get 50+ present workouts. Here are some tips and tricks for each exercise. Please note that it's not currently possible for Android devices to share your workouts and personal data with Apple. We are working on cross-platform compatibility. The iMUSCLE2 KEYS are: - Choose your favorite exercises or create preset workouts that specify your weights and reps. - Enjoy your exercise training and your overall health. HOW TO USE IT: Zoom in on the 3D model to work on specific body areas. Click on the muscle that you wish to focus on, and a thumbnail listing of exercises associated with it will appear. You can select an exercise to see an animated 3D model of it. A written description will also be provided detailing how the exercises should be performed. You will be able to see which muscles are being targeted. Include the exercise in your workout. Have fun with your exercise!
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