Pascal's Wager

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Author: Giant Global
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.4
Size: 71M
Version: 1.1.0
Obsession Challenge Mode: Race players from around the globe can compete against bosses to win the Obsession mode. New content added: Violas Initiation Rite outfit and Benitas Sleeping Beauty outfit. iOS 14 or later now supports keyboard/mouse control Several issues were resolved to improve the gaming experience. 20 Aug 2020, "The Tides of Oblivion", DLC available. A new story and maps are available. Explore the cursed Ichthyosauria with Jerold! Pascal's Wager is a hardcore Soulsborn title that can be played on any mobile device. It's an action-packed, console-quality game you can enjoy anywhere and anytime. Pascals Wager, a dark fantasy-style action role-playing video game that features four characters on an adventure through a mysterious world. The Beautiful World: Explore the Mysterious Lands of Solas Players will travel through the beautiful lands of Solas and visit a number of incredible locales while also exploring dangerous surroundings. Every location has its own unique secrets and stories. It is an amazing place to lose yourself in. They offer a rich, multi-layered view of the world and a feeling of adventure while you explore Solas looking for the truth. For a challenging and rich experience, master four powerful and unique characters. Each character has their own combat style. There will be many hardships to conquer, thanks to the numerous terrifying foes. You won't be able to push your enemies around as easily, and bosses will require you to plan, make strategic decisions, and have quick reflexes. These aren't for the weak of heart. The Dark Mist enveloped the land centuries ago as the sun sinks into the ocean. At the same moment, tall, powerful beings appeared. They were called the Colossus. The Colossi were able to bring light and hope to those around them. This helped dispel the Black Fog that plagued humanity. It was also their only and final refuge. These creatures of light began to die thousands of years later. Four characters follow the path of falling Colossi and embark on a difficult journey with each other, creating their own stories. Players will encounter many people, see good and bad, and eventually discover the truth about this world. Epic Soundtrack A deeply emotive orchestral score will accompany your dark journey, keeping you on the edge. We are proud to present The OST in collaboration with The London Philharmonic Orchestra (LPO) and The London Symphony Orchestra. The amazing soundtrack was created at AIR Studios, London and is available for download on all the major music platforms. We hope you enjoy! Please enjoy! For Terrence, the Heroic Herald Outfit 2. ModificationDeep into Dark Mist Coming Soon: ExpansionTides into Oblivion No microtransactions!
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