Toca Lab: Plants

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Author: Toca Boca
Category: Games, Educational
Rating: 4.3
Size: 68M
Version: 2.0-play
The same as using the first program in the Toca Lab Series, Toca Lab: Components, your curiosity will guide the way. Choose your plant, and then visit five distinct places in the lab: Grow mild: Shine the light on your own plant and watch what happens! Does your plant participates and thankfully sigh in the mild, or groan and twist? What happens after you turn the lighting up a notch or 2? Watering tank: Put your plant in the tank and fill it up with water. Can your plant float? How can your plant act when its soaking wet? Nutrition channel: Whats the optimal diet to the plant? Try the 3 different nutrition formulas and discover which ones that your plant personality enjoys! Cloning machine: Spin the wheel on the cloning device and before you know it, youll have five small variations of the plant. Wonder what the clones can perform? Hurry and discover out! Crossbreeding apparatus: Here you can combine two plants to create something sudden. Have fun experimenting at every channel to determine the way the plants evolve. Keep experimenting till youve collected all 35 plant figures in the program. Once youve accumulated a plant, keep experimenting to keep to evolve it! Who says children cant be scientists? Toca Lab: Plants brings outside the budding botanist in everyone! FEATURES - Start with a single plant and experimentation your way to 35 different plant personalities, each having its own special personality! - Continue to evolve existing plants through experimentation! - Evolve plants using five laboratory tools: grow mild, watering tank, nutrition channel, cloning machine and the crossbreeding apparatus. - Discover plants out of five classes: green algae, mosses, ferns, trees and flowering plants. - Learn the names and Latin names of real life plants! With no guidelines or time constraints, this fun science program is great for girls and boys of all ages. Science has never been more enjoyable as youll have all different kinds of plants and fun scientific instruments to perform and learn together with. Nothing hours of fun in the lab awaits, so play at the laboratory and explore the area of science and botany today! -- ABOUT TOCA BOCA At Toca Bocawe believe in the power of play to spark children imaginations and let them understand about the planet. We design our products from the kids' perspective to empower kids to be more lively, to be creative and to be that they wish to be. Our products consist of award-winning programs that were downloaded more than 150 million times at 215 countries and provide fun, secure, open-ended perform adventures. Learn more about Toca Boca and our goods at PRIVACY POLICY Privacy is also an issue that we take quite seriously. To find out more about how we work with these things, please see our privacy policy:
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