Strain Tactics

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Author: Touch Dimensions
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.6
Size: 100M
Version: 1.18
Strain Tactics is a real-time using pause, squad-based strategic shooter with ARPG components set in an earth overrun with having an infectious alien strain. Featuring 80 playable characters and more than 150 unique weapons and items, the game challenges players to defeat enemies by simply controlling customizable ground groups from their Helibase overhead. Players can indulge in various scenarios across over 30 different maps, and also the sandbox-style mechanics enables users to approach the maps according to their play mode. Key Characteristics -Construct and control your own 1-5-member heliborne task force. -Choose from over 80 playable characters with distinctive personalities and strengths, and equip their 1-3 stock slots with innumerable weapon and item combinations. -Choreograph your groups actions in real time using a dynamic drag-control method or manually micromanage components! -shield the Helibase, and safeguard your staff from over miniguns, autocannons, and even much more. -Manage your groups psychological wellbeing. Keep your squad topped up with happy tablets, or deploy emotionless combat droids. -Protect your task force from pollution, or watch them delve into even further strain. -Amount up your components, and restore fallen staff members from body-bagging (or selling their corpses for points). -Traveling to over 30 specific maps with a variety of scenarios such as Search and Destroy, Escort, Retrieval, Perimeter Defence, and more.
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