Treasure hunter – Metal detecting adventure

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Author: Ulab Games
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.6
Size: 100M
Version: 1.63
A unique quest simulator for treasure hunting is available to you free of charge. It features an exciting storyline and open-world setting. Treasure Hunter, a Metal Detecting Simulator for free, features many humorous quests as well as an exciting storyline based upon true events. You will play the role of an adventure seeker who traveled to Eastern Europe to find the mysterious Monastyrskaya Sloboda, a place with a rich history. These are lands inhabited by benevolent individuals who know many stories and secrets about this wild land rich in history. The game's unique open-world setting will allow you to meet many different characters and complete numerous quests. As you progress through the story, your difficulty in finding new treasures will increase. An outfit shop is available to improve your efficiency in treasure hunting. You can help villager solve their tasks, earn rewards, improve your gear, find interesting places, and dig for rare finds. It's an open-world, so you can go wherever you like. Treasure Hunter is a game that offers an unforgettable gameplay experience. There are 250 million treasures to be found on the map. Download now to begin your journey with a friend! Get out there and explore the vast open space. The large map of "Monastyrskaya Sloboda", which is a solid size, will keep you busy. There are hundreds of items hidden in the earth; You will find more than 250 000 objects all across the Open World. Realism; Real-world findings. Analogous to real artifacts. Only game on the market that allows you to detect metals. This game was developed by real metal detectorists. There's no need to wait for good weather. Your treasure hunting soul desires to take your beloved shovel and metal detector out into the wild, despite it being cold outside. You don't have to worry about it, mate! The weather is great for Treasure Hunters. Let's go on a ride, pick the device that suits you best. You can upgrade your metal detector to discover more valuable finds. Real diggers, We are a small group of metal detector enthusiasts. This game is being developed by us and we hope to bring you the fun and excitement of the experience. Attention! Please Note: While *Treasure Hunter can be downloaded and played for free, some items may need to be paid. The type of the item may determine whether or not it is refundable. A network connection is required to access additional features. * Treasure Hunter can be accessed in English and Russian. Translated: German, French and Spanish. Playing is more enjoyable when you speak your native language. We will be adding languages as soon as possible.
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