Gravity Rider Zero

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Author: Vivid Games S.A.
Category: Games, Racing
Rating: 4.2
Size: 62M
Version: 1.42.3
Here there are no upgrade parts, no difficulty races or spikes against overpowered automobiles: each monitor is perfectly balanced so that you can always overcome it today, with your favorite ride. MAKE YOUR WAY OVER OBSTACLES within this bicycle balancing match, you'll be climbing over hurdles, finding new clever experiments and mechanics to conquer in each level. Giant ramps, straps, lasers, or even good old gravity will try to have in your own way. No sweat though, your vehicle has the perfect speed to pass - with a little bit of finesse, you'll be fine and not fall off. Unlock new bikes by finishing jobs, beating breaking or challenges track documents: theres always a fresh objective and a new reward to look forward to. From trials bicycles to ATVs, WW2 era motorbikes to distance rockets, theyre around. NO GRINDING Heres a list of what you wont find in Gravity Rider Zero: - No overpriced upgrade parts - No grinding - No tickets - No more timegates - No difficulty spikes - No artificial difficulty - No restricted garage space. It's possible for you to speed together on any course you need - their stats are always completely balanced to your race youre in. Yep, no key supreme cheat bicycle, no special wheels of doom - here, all motorcycles are good. ITS ALL YOU The controllers in Gravity Rider Zero are simple and exact. Accelerate and lean your bicycle in the right places to pass over barriers faster. Brake punctually to avoid traps. Always tilt after a hop to touch the ground sooner and gain greater traction. Brake before a hop to reduce your air time, try and try again. Or, simply concentrate on ensuring you pass obstacles, dont wreck and beat the degree. Cycle racing is a customizable experience: you decide how deeply you want the mechanisms to be. Complete CAREER MODE Love a timeless solo career development strategy: you have enough lives to clear 3 stages, then move onto the next world. Each new universe comes with a new marvel, and you'll notice a planets load of environments. Thats not an image: you will literally traveling from planet to planet to manage the most insane tracks in the universe. Oh and of course, your vehicle stats will increase along the way: its all balanced, but you'll receive faster. Offer your race car a fresh paint job, give your motorbike a different color, or upgrade your kart using a neon lighting route. Even if your motorcycle is always perfectly tuned, this doesnt mean you cannot upgrade your own style! JUST CHILL Gravity Rider Zero is all about two things: getting cool rides, and pristine racing. Thats the way we do things here, in the career mode. We concentrate on what matters, and to hell with the fluff. You want to optimize your endings, race against the clockget the best time? You are able to. You would like to take your own time getting through imaginative degrees? You may too. Just like the ride and pop a wheelie. :-RRB- Got a query? Contact us in By downloading the game you take that our End User License Agreement, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy:
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