Zombie Blast Crew

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Author: Vivid Games S.A.
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.0
Size: 102M
Version: 2.4.0
It's time for Your Sundry of the Dead Upgrade. Forget everything you knew about zombies, as they've got access to brand new movements and tricks - earning each of them even more specific. Dont dismiss the undead. It has been 11 weeks since the infection started. Everybody fled the cities, mass panic in the streets. The zombies took over our towns, our buildings, our cube. Now we sleep outside while they roam our streets. We waited on the army, and the army didnt arrive, so we picked up firearms. Now were completed , and a pioneer has arrived, so we've picked up ourselves. That boss is you. Weve organized into hunting parties, to choose our cube back and push evil residents away. We officially declare that from today onwards, our city is still a Zero Zombie Zone. We conquer the contaminated. Join the team. TAKE THE TOWN BACK As members of the Zombie Blast Crew, we have many goals to accomplish - some fit for a scout, some for a priest, some for a warrior - but we only have one true aim: compelling the killer zombies back. Pack your firearms, scout the area, and remove anything that glows . Each mission takes place in a brand new zone of town, where you will need to be shooting zombies to block the pandemic invasion, also use your survival instincts along with your equipment craft to come back uninjured. TACTICAL ZOMBIE REMOVAL Particular zombies come in various shapes and types: some may dash you, some may shoot you from a space, some may take a ton of damage ahead. One thing is certain, theyre all a danger. Its on you to understand when to participate, when to sneak, when to prevent rather than increase their alert status, and when to rush into. The choices are available, along with your tactics will be thoroughly test. They may be dumb, but zombies are almost always harmful as a group - its own a leaders responsibility to embrace the perfect strategy to minimize casuality and maximize loot. No hero receives through a conflict without his sword. Significant Z audiences? Zero in using the flamethrower or shoot the grenade launcher. Wish to keep your space? The assault rifle or the machine gun may be a better pick. Its all about using your mind and knowing your craft. Entire hordes? Same goes for our equipment. Do you pack some scout medkit to heal injuries? Some grenade to clear infection locations? Some food for yourself a hunter success boost? And dont forget to polish your skills. Putting a couple points in marksmanship will help your shooting. LOW POLY USA It may be home, but seeing it again after all this time it feels nostalgic. Weve got goals and a pandemic to discontinue, but don't hesitate to take in the views also. Some great old slit of United States using its sights. Its a fairly distinctive style, aint it? Take it all in. Its a massive stadium, with tons of resources to pick up along with concealed paths to follow. Just dont play hero, and dont get lost. Got a query?
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