LOST in Blue: Survive the Zombie Islands

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Author: Volcano Force
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 3.3
Size: 83M
Version: 1.34.7
You will need to collect materials to make weapons, tools and build houses that can withstand all the natural elements on this island. You will have to battle through natural environment like freezing glaciers and fiery volcanoes. Additionally, you will encounter difficult obstacles like mutant zombies and wild creatures. You must do everything possible to return home. To stay alive, you can upgrade your character and enjoy the thrill of mother nature to its fullest. Unique Island- This game's PVE section is unique. Explore and survive natural scenes like swamps and tropical rainforests. You will also be fighting your way through many man-made obstacles such as an Expedition Ship from the 1980s and secret research labs. You can learn to craft and build - Gather materials to make your camp. You will learn how to make various tools and weapons. These tools and weapons are essential for survival. You can build your camp and include defensive features such as an arrow tower or sensory tower. Survival facilities such as vegetable patches where you can plant food and seeds, and workbenches where you create tools for gathering or hunting. You can choose between PVP and PVE. You can choose to work or fight with others players. Enjoy Exciting Adventures! This game is designed to give players the ultimate experience of survival on an island deserted. You won't find PVE or PVP in any other game. Is it possible to survive on this island? To enhance your gaming experience, this game can be purchased in-app. You can disable this feature in your device's settings if you do not wish to utilize it. You must be 16 to download or play this game according to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.
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