Lynda's Legacy - Hidden Objects

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Author: X3M Labs
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.4
Size: 86M
Version: 1.3.1
Welcome to the 1930s, buddy! It's a narrative about Lyndaa ferocious detective that is at a great need for an assistant so help her resolve among the greatest mysteries of her lifetime. She also lost her dad and she wishes to reveal the puzzle. Are you ready to join her and become a master detective yourself? In this free-to-play hidden objects game, you will meet Lynda, a courageous and independent detective at the making. Her dad was a man of many secrets, and now she is on a mission to uncover all the untold truths of the past. Exactly what do you believe will she find? The timing is up, along with the investigation is going to start! Lynda can only expect one to help her solve the puzzle and revive her familys legacy! FIND THE CLUES Select up your magnifying glass and then investigate the vivid scenes. The hidden objects can only be found by somebody with an eye for detail, and so I bet thats one, fellow detective! GO ON A WORLD-WIDE ADVENTURE Immerse yourself in the classic beauty of their 30s and traveling away from America to Europe and Africa. Youll get to meet new friends along the way because the analysis gets deeper! REBUILD THE VALLEY Use your creativity to construct and decorate the valley of your desires. Its up to you to help restore the legacy of this valley! GROOM THE HORSES it is possible to help upgrade the ranch, and get the horses ready for an event and win exceptional prizes! ENTER THE FUN HOUSE Need a rest from the analysis? Enjoy! He is small but powerful and his capacity to sniff out the clues will enable you to get nearer to the truth! Additional features: - A cast of characters which will each serve as a murder suspect. - Hand-drawn scenes which shine with the elegance of this 30s. - More than 1000+ hidden objects to search for and discover! - A life-changing analysis that will finish with shocking revelations. - Mini puzzle games so you never feel tired: March 3, Mahjong, Dangeon and much more. - Daily wages. - Treats to feed your new buddy Goldie. - Plenty of avatars to choose that will suit your personality. - New chapters which are going to be revealed as the plot thickens. -------------------------------------------------------- - Practice Us: - See the Lyndas Legacy official site: - Check out the Lyndas Legacy Game Service and Support Center: - Read our Privacy Policy:
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