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Release of the new Endless Nightmare video game! In the creepy horror video game Endless Nightmare, James is transported to a terrifying hospital. James awakens in the hospital and is looking into the disappearance of Oak Town residents. There are dangers all around the hospital. Is there a strange and disturbing case he will encounter? He is being watched by many evil eyes. Is there a dark secret in this strange hospital? James is ready to fight for justice! The game's objective is to explore the hospital and find the clues and useful objects. * Investigation: Using the clues and items you have found in the scary rooms, search for the secrets and solve the puzzles to uncover the truth. Hidden dangers: There are scary ghosts all around creepy hospitals. You can hide inside cabinets and wait until they leave if you are unable to defeat them. * Strategy: Use your strategy to eliminate the boss if you encounter him. You can attack creepy ghosts by grabbing knives and guns. You can upgrade the gun parts, and the weapon will become more powerful. You can also use a knife to kill mad ghosts. You can be pacified and lose the terror with weapons! * Learn: Learning talents will give you more skills! This will increase your chances of survival. The game features include: 3D graphic style that is stunning and gives you the best horror visual experience. You will need to use your intelligence and strategic thinking to uncover the truth in complex cases and plots. Explore the world from the first person, test your logical reasoning abilities, and discover the terrifying secrets that lie within the hospital. The game offers rich gameplay with talents, weapons and inferences. Get your guns! To kill terror ghosts, you can demonstrate accurate marksmanship! To experience the creepy atmosphere, listen to some creepy sounds and music. You can save your progress, and experience true terror! You can play it without the internet It's available everywhere. Endless Nightmare is a popular 3D ghost-game. You will find horror items and ghosts of unknown identities, as well as rich, puzzle-rich gameplay. The objective is to uncover the truth about the case, and then escape the hospital. The popular horror video game has more functions than just exploration and decryption. It also offers new talents, weapons and materials. There are many ghosts to encounter. Each ghost is unique and you will be able to find out their origin from the plot. You will need to take the weapon and destroy their threat. You will have a completely different view of the adventure and reasoning in this 3D scary horror game. The game features a stunning art style and well-designed puzzles that are free of any complication. It also has complex plots. The story of James House and the two game pieces are closely related. Let's take a look back at what happened in the past! Use your strategy and wisdom to infer the case based on the items and clues in each room. Then, rescue yourself from the hospital and save yourself! The thrill begins now! We welcome you to voice your opinion!
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