Battle Blobs: 3v3 Multiplayer

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Author: ActionReaction Games
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 3.4
Size: 106M
Version: 1.0.9
Jump into the Blobs Universe's splashing fields with your goo blaster! You can collect and upgrade an insane number of Battle Blobs. Each one has a different style of play and powerful Goo splashing capabilities. Get your copy now to get started! GOO SPLASHING Action Take control of the battlefields and spray your team's Goo everywhere. Battle Blobs allows you to interact with the environment in a way that is unique to the genre. You can take control of strategic areas, tag turrets and pick up various objects such as Goo blasters or quirky vehicles. As a Goo, your movement speed will increase and you'll be able to recover health faster when you are on top of friendly Goos. Conversely, if the Goo is in close proximity with an enemy Goo, it will cause slowing down. Keep checking back for updates that will include many more characteristics such as poisoning or freezing the enemy Goo. Powerful abilities Use rockets and explosive minions to wreck havoc with your foes! You can heal or boost the damage of your team, stun enemy players, and even drop turrets onto the battlefield. TURFWAR MODE Capture Turfs across the map in order to control damage-dealing cannons Your enemies' core will be destroyed by the cannons! First to eliminate the core wins! SPLASHBATTLE MODE 3 Vs.3 Splash Battle is where every team must grab a goo blaster in order to refill the control points and unlock a Power Potion. Use the Power Potion to destroy your opponent's core. Each victory earns you a reward! TROPHY ROAD PROGRESSION Race your way down the trophy road. You can unlock new characters and get loot boxes, gems, coins, and loot to improve your character's abilities by winning battles. More updates will be made to the trophy road soon! ADVANCED BATTLE BLOBS - Upgrade your characters to increase their power and health! You can level them with the character XP you earn from opening loot boxes and winning battles. Coins are also available to purchase character XP at the Store. CONSTANTLY EVOLVING Battle Blobs still has early access Battle Blobs is getting new characters, skins and maps. Also, social features like friends lists, clans and leaderboards are coming soon. Keep checking back for more updates!
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