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Category: Communication
Rating: 3.6
Size: 6.6M
Version: 2.6.0
We get phone calls frequently from unknown numbers. These calls are annoying and can disrupt our quiet times. We all hate unsolicited calls. Spam and robocalls are both hateful. We created SIM-Blocker to stop unwanted calls. SIM-Blocker, a simple and effective call blocking application that only serves one purpose: To block unwanted calls. SIM Blocker prevents unwanted calls, spam and other nuisance callers from calling you. You also receive details about any incoming calls. The app will automatically add your number to the blacklist. You can add or remove people from the whitelist at any time. SIM Blocker, a security application that allows many functions. Dual SIM Call Blocker SIM Blocker SIM Blocker has been rated as one of the top call blocking apps in the Play Store due to its dual SIM function. The only Android app that supports dual SIM is SIM Blocker. You can choose to block each SIM card individually if you own a smartphone with multiple SIM cards. The control function works with nearly all Android smartphones that are starting with Android 7.0. SIM-Blocker's Task Scheduler is one of its best features. The blacklist can be set up to block calls at specific times, or it can be used to unblock repeat tasks on a weekday. Call blocking can be enabled between 09:00 and 14:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays, for example. You don't need to think about scheduling the task anymore because it does everything automatically. You can also activate SMS and notifications with this app. You can start the app automatically from your notification bar. You can also set the app to send an SMS when a blocked call occurs and get a notification about all blocked calls. An SMS can be used to reject calls. SIM Blocker has beautiful design and is easy to use. However, SIM Blocker's free version comes with advertisements. The Pro version of SIM Blocker is available on Google Play Store. You can get rid of the ads as well as more features. SIM Blocker app's key features include an intuitive call interface that blocks outgoing and incoming calls, as well as blocking numbers and contact. To ensure that only certain individuals are not blocked, a whitelist has been created. To block numbers, use the blacklist. Receive a notice when a blocked call is made. You can activate an automatic response SMS for blocked calls. You can also use the Do Not Disturb mode. It is quick and simple to set up. It is simple to use and clean. Allow repeated tasks. Check out the list of blocked calls. This is the most powerful and reliable call blocking app available on Google Play. Call blocking for dual SIM. For further improvement, we would like to hear from your. Please rate SIM Blocker App. Thank you for downloading SIM Blocker app
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