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Author: WillPlus
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.5
Size: 107M
Version: 2.3.3
Story set in Kazegaura in Japan. It is a suburb just outside Tokyo. 'If My Heart Had Wings’ is an animated visual novel that tells a story of a high school student's passionate and youthful life. Aoi Minase is back with broken dreams in his hometown Kazegaura. He encounters Kotori Habane (a girl in a wheelchair) and an elegant, white glider that is gliding through the air. They are seated on a hill dotted with windmills. They decide to revive the school's defunct Soaring club to fly the "Morning Glory", which is a ghost cloud that blows through Kazegaura. This story is about youth and a love of the sky. The mobile version can be played as a continuation. The following stories will be added to our news feed. To read, you won't need Wings. All current scenarios are now available to you. Play offline Once all data has been downloaded, the game can be played offline. You don't have to download the entire game beforehand. However, it is recommended that you do so for more enjoyable gameplay. You can now comment on any scene by using this new feature. The new function allows you to share with other players your thoughts about funny or moving stories. You can enable or disable this function. If you prefer to focus on the situation, simply disable it. Enable it if you wish to communicate your opinions with others. You can skip any scene that has been played to replay the entire game. The Basic Information section - You can play the PC version of half the game for no cost. Individual Flight scenarios can only be bought from the app store. You can start the game right from where you are currently at. Auto-continue function available. - The game does not work with devices that aren't equipped for NEON. Additional content: Alarm functions- Kotori, the main character will talk at the time set. Kotori will deliver news and updates to the app. Additional sounds: - Brand logo and title calls sound effects - Rare voice-overs to alarm or error messages. This project required over 30 voice-overs. Extra features: Homepage, images and magazines-like visuals added to the game. This feature is not available in the PC version. System with visual novel features - This game system is equipped with the following: Auto-play and Backlog functions. The user can adjust settings such as volume, transparency and text speed. For better performance on slow devices, you can turn off movie effects.
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