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Author: TAITO Corporation
Category: Games, Arcade
Rating: 4.2
Size: 51M
Version: 1.1.4
TAITO is known for arcade shooting games, along with the RAY trilogy is just one of the most beloved series! Ever since the 1993 launch of the trilogy's first installment, RAYFORCE, enthusiasts are thrilled by the game's cinematic visuals and gorgeous layered raster scanning graphics. RAYFORCE became a 2D shooting minute classic, and it's available for Android! The Remix Mode gives a new, smartphone-optimized experience with simple flick-style controls. *2 Functions Methods: Manual and Auto! Auto Mode supplies automatic, button-free firing for both the conventional weapon and lock laser, enabling players to take on this tough game using one finger. Manual Mode adds weapon controllers (a tap for your normal shot along with a fire button for the lock laser), providing a more arcade-like play experience. *Confirm Bluetooth controls such as Android!! Crucial configuration is also possible! Decision Google Play Compatibility! Individual positions are prepared for every ships and for every game mode. Let's compete with high-score gamers from throughout the world! Get Achievement fulfilling various conditions in game! Aim for Achievement Complete!! *Two Screen Types: Zoom and Historical! The Zoom display enlarges the play place, filling the whole smartphone display using dynamic visuals. For the purist, the Initial screen style provides a pixel-perfect rendition of the arcade game's display. *Difficulty Modes Additional! A total of 8 difficulty modes are now available, which range from Very Easy to Very Difficult. *RAYFORCE's gorgeous graphics and striking raster scrolling, perfectly ! RAYFORCE owes much of its distinctive look to the arcade technology of the time, and no expense was spared replicating the visuals for the smartphone edition of this game. Decision RAYFORCE's bewitching soundtrack goes back! Among the highlights of this original RAYFORCE experience was its sound design, perfectly replicated here under the supervision of TAITO's ZUNTATA noise group. *Added a arranged BGM by SHOHEI TSUCHIYA(ZUNTATA) on Area1! Employing Choice setting,you can choose First BGM or Arranged BGM!! ### Important Notice ####### ###please see the following before purchasing### Decision In Fujitsu F-04G, F-02JG, F-02H, if MANUAL operation is selected, in case you hit the LASER button repeatedly it might not be able to move your boat. Although you can play without problem using the automobile surgery, please be careful when buying. *This program is supposed for the Android 4.1 or newer. ################## **A petition from TAITO** should you experience any technical issues, please turn off your device and reboot itthen try the game again. In case the issue persists, then please contact with our customer support speech: appsupport@taito.co.jp
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