JustFall.LOL - Multiplayer Online Game of Penguins

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Author: JustPlay.LOL
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.0
Size: 37M
Version: 1.150
JustFall.LOL, a new online multiplayer game that allows you to compete with thousands of other players worldwide, is free and open for everyone. Your goal is to be the penguin that survives without being thrown out of the hexagon. Find out more about our online fighting 1v1 games! Many players consider this one of the most popular multiplayer online games. You will compete with your friends in rounds of multi-player challenges where one penguin survives. The hexagon fall 3d challenge is open to all players. The JustFall hexagon falls online tournament will determine the winners. Only the most skilled, fastest and highest jumping penguins can win. You will also be disqualified if your fall is from the hexagon. JustFall.LOL online multiplayer is hilarious. You don't need to register to access the free game. Only a smartphone is required. JustFall is a completely free app. Our game is completely free. Our goal is to make it easy for users to enjoy multiplayer games online without the need to spend money. It is a penguin-themed game. JustFall.LOL does not only feature penguins, but it also features a multiplayer online game with friends. Players have to be a penguin skin and compete in hexagons for the chance of winning the 1v1 battle. Playing an online multiplayer JustFall.LOL game is easy. It is easy to play an online multiplayer JustFall.LOL game. Although it isn't a good technique, the control panel on your phone allows you to move, jump, and slide with your penguin. Try to move as quickly as you can around the hexagon and avoid falling. As you move or jump, the floor tiles will fall. This multiplayer penguin game has three levels. You start at the top of the online game. If you don't have enough speed or skill to leap from tile to tile, you will be dropped to level 2. From there, you can continue to play 1v1 online until level 3. Once you drop from the hexagon, you won't have any more chances to win. The last level is where you must be the penguin still standing on the hexagon. The online multiplayer match will go to a winner if your penguin is the one that remains over the hexagon. JustFall.LOL features -You have the option to choose from twelve colors for your penguin's skin. The design of your penguin is up to you. JustFall.LOL loves playing with friends so create your game in party mode and share it with them. They will only need to log on from the link that you sent.
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