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Author: MyMovie Inc.
Category: Video Players & Editors
Rating: 4.6
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Version: 5.5.5
Mago-Magic video editor provides effects and video making tools for TikTok. The Magic Effects video editor allows you to edit videos with amazing effects, transitions and touches. TikTok video stars can gain more fans by using magic video maker. Be an influential video star The magic video editor has all the latest materials, keyframe animations and fancy effects that you need to edit your video. Magic video editor with effects can be used to edit blogstar videos. You'll soon be an influential user on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. Key features : Use cool video effects such as ccp wave, glitch, RGB, or wave. To become a professional tiktok editor. Magic touch: Bomb Effects, Fire and Magic Energy Keyframe animations available for texts and stickers. Introduction maker: Grid, Closing scene and Film Magic effects. Fx editor is a time-lapse video editor and slow-mo video maker. You can lip-sync with the Music Video Editor. Simple to use photo slideshow creator. Make a trendy tiktok movie by editing video using Effects. Photo magic effects, add photo to video like Gif. Effects for editing video. Cool effects for intros. Edit your video or photos with mixed effects. You can easily become a video star. Cool effects with mixed video to create intros in your vlog videos. Slideshow music maker for photo slideshows. Add your music to the video or use our featured music. Video editor Pro Tiktok Keyframe with effects. You have over 100 songs and music to choose from. Edit video in the tiktok editor. Make short videos with effects. Make a photo slideshow with effects. Stickers & Text Keyframe Animation to Video Keyframe editor offer two options to create Sticker & Text animation. MagoVideo, a video editor that can capture the movements of stickers and text made by your fingers, is unique. To create TikTok effects, you can also add keyframes. You can get stickers and funny memes as well as gifs/Emojis. Magic video editor includes effects that allow you to add text to videos. Magic effects and music video maker for photos and videos. You can cut the video to any length before adding effects. You can rotate, flip and reverse videos clips. The Keyframe video editor makes it as simple as cutting a video. You can fit your photo or video into Ratio using trendy effects. There are many backgrounds available, including blurred, white and black. After editing keyframe animation video using magic effects, save and share HD videos. Make magic videos with magical effects that you can use on TikTok and YouTube. The best magic video editor, with music and effects. You can create effects videos in magic video maker. To amaze family and friends, record your life moments in a photo slideshow using keyframe animation stickers. Our team focuses on video editing software and is dedicated to making blogstar video editing software the best for all users.
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