Werewolf "Nightmare in Prison" FREE

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Category: Games, Card
Rating: 4.0
Size: 36M
Version: 10.2.1
Thanks for 8,500,000 DL! The werewolf game that is popular in college and party is released as program! [Overview] A participant is going to be killed by the werewolves who is a liar if the human players don't find the werewolves. Would you find the werewolves with your technical talk and logical thinking? Poor bulk decision leads to kill the most major player. Is the game that your buddies suspect of liar each other or that your buddies try to anticipate each other? The playstyle is the very own. And it requires the cards along with a game master who presided at the game and can not play as a participant. However, this werewolf game program doesn't require any gamemaster. The sole iOS apparatus acts as a server with being read on the text by a participant. It is very simple! Let's play with this game with over 4 players! [Particular cards] The additional cards make the game much more exciting! You can use a special power and lead the game as a distinctive role. And you can also hide your distinctive role for surviving. - Fortune Teller The fortune teller can view through the individuality of a single participant who you guess to be a werewolf each night. - Knight The knight can choose 1 participant to protect from the werewolves every night. - Shaman The shaman can check whether the deceased players are werewolves or not. - Psycho The psycho win if the werewolf staff wins. - Lovers The lovers know who another lover is. When you survive prior to the tame is finished, you win. You can take a brand new expertise in each match. So you will be rated in by the points which you got by the matches. Create your original compliments for your very best player! It will make the matches hot.
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