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Do you need to handle multiple social accounts and quick switch between these? Do you need to play games using unique roles or multiple accounts to appreciate more fun? Multi Parallel can assist you in the problem of handling multiple accounts! - Easily utilize one telephone to log in multiple accounts and maintain them online at precisely the exact identical moment! - Create as many accounts as you want, personalize them with unique icons and name, and protect them with solitude . Fully support 64bit apps and no need to install confirmed lib for the majority of apps. If you are attempting to clone legacy apps that just have 32bit library, please update this app or install the 32bit support library. Multi Parallel is compatible with the majority of messaging apps, game apps and social media apps. Google Play Service have been encouraged, and you can link with your Google Play Games or other services on your clones. Log in to your multiple messaging, match and social apps Balance between your own life and work readily with multiple accounts. Double game accounts and also dual fun. Information of clones and first apps are separated Customize accounts using unique icons and tag Privacy Locker to guard your cloned account you'll be able to opt to lock the major app Multi Parallel or lock particular clones. Switch fast between unlimited multiple accounts using just one-tap Run multiple accounts simultaneously, and will create icons using clone tags. Light weighted, clean, very low ram & power consumption. Smooth and user friendly Lite Mode for greatest memory and power efficiency Notes: Permissions: Multi Parallel app itself requires few permissions however Multi Parallel needs to employ many permissions in progress for the backup apps. Please grant these permissions to Multi Parallel to prevent mis-function or crash if conducting clones Consumptions: Multi Parallel itself does not occupy too much memory, battery and data by which are actually absorbed by the apps running inside. Notifications: Please add Multi Parallel to whitelist on your system telling settings. Only general use of the app with information of apparatus model will be employed to increase product and assess crash. Should you like our program, please provide us five-star compliments , your encouragement is our best motivation! Thank you! When you have any questions or suggestions, welcome to clickFeedback within the program, or send the e-mail to speak to us, we'll be honored to assist you! Our email:
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