Imperia Online - Medieval empire war strategy MMO

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Author: Imperia Online JSC
Category: Games, Strategy
Rating: 4.5
Size: Varies with device
Version: 8.0.27
Become a mythical emperor and establish your empire in this medieval MMO strategy game. Build army, locate great allies and demonstrate your best strategic approach to get domination in terrific PVP encounters, cooperation wars and international events. Establish your best attack strategy to crush your rivals and become an invincible guardian of your stronghold. You can now join forces with all the long-awaited Emperor Henry and start a huge military campaign from the enemies. Experience what it feels like to develop a potent empire with good economics and mighty troops. Be a solo participant or locate allies to get with all on the road to success. Produce and expand a royal household with commanders and governors you can depend on to manage your domain names. Take part in highly aggressive and glorious tournaments where you can examine your strategy abilities at war and eventually conquer desired lands. Imperia Online - Medieval MMO Strategy MAIN FEATURES: Build, develop and expand your empire Start from a little village and expand it to a vast empire by creating and updating distinct buildings, each of them leading to a different approach to your military and economic power. Annex new states and find numerous websites, containing special resources to boost your economy! Manage your resources wisely and defend every single states stronghold from enemies who wish to plunder them. Create or participate in an alliance Locate friends among tens of thousands of gamers in this MMO strategy game, make them your allies and help each other to achieve total dominance! Put money into powerful alliance technologies, struggle in total alliance wars or kind even bigger federations to rule the realm! Create, expand and direct your royal family Pick nobles and reliable court members to govern your empire and its own domain names and be head of your armies at war! Select involving over a hundred abilities and talents for your own exemptions and they'll pay off with great support and dedication! Be a despotic or a merciful ruler Control your population to assemble the three chief resources - timber, iron and rock which are required to upgrade your buildings and technologies. Collect taxes from your working population but remember to take care of their joy or they'll put up riots and direct your empire to a total despair. Be mind of authentic medieval battle components Use spies to get knowledge about your enemies prior to each struggle and find the ideal fit between swordsmen, array units and also the heavy cavalry. Battle in an open area or choose to attack your enemys stronghold instead. Leave nothing to chance, a intelligent emperor will know the results of the struggle even before it's started. Decide on the way that you govern your domain names Settle a regulatory philosophy in your empire and then form your playstyle. Pick between Barbarism, Feudalism, Monarchy, Imperialism or stay Neutral. The perfect choice will tell a ruler who knows good strategy in the inexperienced one. Participate in global PvP wars develop into a world of extreme competition in which you struggle against actual players, who will examine you to your very core! Prove yourself worthy and earn the admiration of your opponents! Searching for epic PvP championships and receive epic positions and rewards! The complex battle engine requires skill and experience to master and only the fittest will survive in this cruel medieval universe. Ancient and powerful enemies lurk in the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to attack gamers! Fight the daily Planet managers and establish you've got good strategic abilities. Conquer your armies and march against international threats, overcome them and reap huge rewards, artifacts and loot!
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