PitchBlack - Substratum Theme For Oreo/Pie/10

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Author: altankrk
Category: Personalization
Rating: 4.1
Size: 55M
Version: 89.9
ATTENTION: This theme is not for Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei and some other OEM established stock ROMs. Please read the description for more information. PitchBlack S for Samsung (Supports Oreo & 1 Ui), now available on Play Store. Substratum theme engine has to be installed to utilize this program PitchBlack is an established full featured dark and black battery friendly android theme. Supplying many apps and ROM aid, perfecting the balance between materialism, minimalism and assorted color combinations. Meet with the all first PitchBlack CMTE theme sets and more in 1 location! Re-iterating the way accents and backgrounds are applied, PitchBlack offers an easy remedy to use of themes by automatically creating 130+ theme sets only for you! Just choose which mix you want, construct and enable! That is it! Supported ROMs Android 10 (Pixel and AOSP) (Requires root) Android 10 - Oxygen OS (Requires root) Android Pie (Pixel and AOSP) (Requires root) Android Pie OxygenOS (Requires root) Android Oreo aosp 8.0/8.1 & Pixel/2 Android Oreo OxygenOS 8.0/1 Android Nougat aosp 7.1 OMS NOTE: Nougat OMS ROMs Theme demands full substratum oms theme engine supported Android 7.1 AOSP ROMs. Theme won't work if you are available on stock Samsung, stock lineageOS, Oxygen OS or Omni Nougat established ROMs. You can readily find a list of supported Nougat ROMs by going over to THIS LINK https://github.com/substratum/documentation/blob/master/SupportedROMs.md About the Android Oreo & Pie Service PitchBlack Oreo & Pie supplies complete service on Pixel Stock, LineageOS, OxygenOS and some other AOSP Oreo & Pie established ROMs First Measure: You should choose your android overlay variant Setup for Android Oreo and Pie Select your android version Select all and configure the selected apps with the essential options there. (System apps have to be selected, like Settings, Android System and SystemUI) Tap on construct and update Reboot your apparatus Go into overlay supervisor and empower installed overlays For change or update QS tile colors on Oxygen OS, enter settings/display/accent (select implemented PitchBlack accent) repeat exactly the same after every PitchBlack theme change. What is not operating on Oreo & Pie (Stock) Roms? Some telling text colors cannot be inverted, that's why additional light alarms as default option on Oreo & Pie ROMs (dark solution remains accessible ) Quick note: If you are having problems please report to the email: pitchblackthemes@gmail.com A fast FAQ Q: How do I apply it? A: All you need to do is navigate to the substratum program and empower + build the overlays after tapping on the PitchBlack tile. If you already have a theme applied, go over to the overlay manager and disable all overlays before you empower +construct PitchBlack than reboot your apparatus Q: Which applications are themed? A: This is your list of themed programs https://gist.github.com/westcripp/c882635df4d8305a1090af60f3a1034e Q: What if the theme upgrades? A: Simply assemble +permit to be certain you're rocking the best edition of the theme Q: Help!! Unexpected bootloop! A: Chill, all you have to do is utilize the rescue choice of substratum Telegram set for live service: http://t.me/pitchblackthemes Touch: pitchblackthemes@gmail.com
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