FOG - MOBA Battle Royale

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Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.5
Size: 154M
Version: 0.11.2
Stay alive! FOG calls for action! FOG is a brand-new dark fantasy MMORPG cell game. FOG is a mixture of MOBA (MOBA - a multiplayer online battle arena) features, immersive RPG (role-playing sport ) gameplay jam-packed at a tasty fantasy melody sauce. Can you live the battleground for the trending game titles? FOG is a trending match genre (Battle Royale) new take. Join millions of enthusiasts worldwide! This time you need to live in the world of magic. The battleground location is a magical dream world covered in mortal fog. To stay alive and endure the battlefront you need to improve your abilities, battle all of the enemies, and steer clear of the fog. Dont forget to win all the trophies and make your way to the peak of the Battle Royale international leaderboard. FOG calls for action! Survive in rapid pvp battles Are you ready for the challenge? Action battles with 30 players anticipate you. Arena offers you quick and dynamic battles. Participate in as many as you can. You don't want to get down from the deadly fog. So get equipment, track enemies down. You could even conceal from the players. Whatever your strategy tells you. Your ultimate battle royale objective is to endure! Fight the last war - from the fog. FOG will give you total game immersion! Get Ready for the era of magic! Middle Ages in all of their glory and splendour FOG is Battle Royale set from the Middle Ages. Select any medieval weapon in the very exciting era in history. Meet the principles of survival. Something is still missing. The magic you bet. FOG has you ever served! Monsters and creatures obstruct your way. Magic potions help you endure the fog which brings death and destruction. Enter the game daily. Combine the Celtics or create your own for more rewards. Adhere to the Honor Track. Acquire the battles. Gain honour. Claim rewards. Get more loot out of crates. Start with the Bronze Crate and proceed into the Atomic Crate. The longer you play the more you receive. Select your own equipment. Master your abilities. Boost your journey with additional resources packs. Traveling through the era of knights and mages, puzzle, and experience. Get ready to dig deep in to the world with magic laws. Dont forget about turn-based battles. Select your favourite role-playing game element! Mysterious places, enchanting artifacts, epic directors are there for you. And you always wanted domination? Bust down all your enemies at the PvP Arena! Adventures are waiting for you! Are you ready? See you in FOG! Attention: the game is at the open beta testing phase and is getting a constant upgrade and upgrade!
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