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Build healthy and regular sleep habits at the simplest and interesting way! Do you often stay up late searching in your telephones? If you have trouble placing your phone down , or when you suffer from insomnia and would like to reach a healthier, regular sleep schedule. SleepTown is the very best alternative. How it works: 3 steps to a healthy sleep schedule 1) Establish your own hard bedtime and wake-up goal. 2) Open the SleepTown program prior to your bedtime target and start building a building. 3) Wake up until your wake-up target, shake your telephone to clear your thoughts, and see which building you have. Each morning the construction is really a surprise that will inspire you to awaken! SleepTown Can Assist You: Beat your phone dependency and get more sleep Maintain regular sleep hours between 4-10 hours a day Construct incredible buildings by accomplishing your bedtime and wake-up targets conjure up to a reward every day - your brand new construction! View your"SleepTown" along with all your sleep figures in town page Night shift style helps reduce blue lighting Construct Your Own Town: Over 70 types of unique buildings accessible Pay your got coins to unlock new buildings Earn revenue after each successful construction Earn more revenue from consecutive effective days Design your own town with land, buildingsdecorations Employ special themes on holidays to decorate your SleepTown Customize Your Sleeping Plan: Set up to 2 days off in a week: failing on your"day-off" won't end your streak, so relax and take a rest! Reset maternity & wake-up time targets anytime Set up a maternity reminder and alarm clock clock Adjust the quantity and sound of your alarm Adjust"shake your telephone" struggle to wake up you readily in the morning UNLOCK PRO VERSION: Access daily coin rewards Pick which building you wish to build next Get a reward ticket for success on 7 consecutive days Redeem reward tickets to significantly raise your odds of obtaining a rare construction Earn extra tickets out of occasions Unlock accomplishments and earn extra rewards make an account to back up your information (all your sleeping stats and beautiful buildings!) New Challege: Invites family and friends to join the ring and establish the exact identical sleep objectives, develop wholesome sleep habits collectively! Invite memebers in the circle to reach the aims to contribute energy to consruct your own wonders of earth. These elaborately designed wonders will make your town spectacular! Go to sleep in time, and start creating your personal"SleepTown" tonight! Notice: SleepTown is a program available for both Android tablet and mobile devices. The Pro version may be restored on other Android apparatus. To obtain a non-Android variant of SleepTown, another purchase is needed. But, by logging into the exact identical registered account, the account data can be dispersed across different platforms and devices. . Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Practice us on Instagram: Learn more on! Privacy Policy:
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