Brave Frontier

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Author: gumi Inc.
Category: Games, Role Playing
Rating: 4.4
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New Feature Release - Double Brave Burst! Are you prepared for the newest Brave Burst? Experience a whole new game mechanic that will tip the scales of conflict in your favor. The first nine pairs of Double Brave Burst Partners have been shown. Join us today to learn more! Hundreds Of Heroes. Countless Players. Be A Legend Now! Grow up to the challenge and take on the role of strong Summoners in this addictive, free-to-play traditional JRPG hit name! Summon over 400 mythical heroes, powerful demigods and royal beasts and direct your squads to strategic victories against the Four Fallen Gods because you venture throughout the mythical lands of Grand Gaia and outside! FEATURES SUMMON, COLLECT & EVOLVE Decision Summon and expand your collection of Units, from Divine Emperors to Inferno Goddesses * Affect in your Units Elemental Strengths & Leader Skills and form strategic squads for the various game modes and enemies Fuse / evolve your Units to their high forms to strengthen them unlock new skills * Craft strong objects and Spheres to boost your Units abilities in conflict * Meet and recruit fan favorite characters in other favorite sport titles CLASSIC JRPG WITH MODERN FREE-TO-PLAY GAMEPLAY * Strategy-oriented Turn-based Fight Method with Auto-Battle option * Engage in profoundly animated struggles with / from a captivating cast of beautifully pixel-crafted characters that are inspired by Japanese manga artwork * Unleash devastating combos using the Intuitive Tap and Swipe Combat Mechanics * Fill up your Units skill gauge to start their particular offensive / defensive Brave Bursts * Update your City to unlock new crafting alternatives and craft strong items COMPETITIVE AND REWARDING NEW CHALLENGES * Put your skills to the test and face-off Epic managers at PVE Trials, Raids, Frontier Hunter in addition to Quests at the Vortex Dungeons * Compete in the PVP Arena & Colosseum and dominate the Leaderboard Rankings * Pit your best Brave Frontier squad against other internet players in PVP Arena & Colosseum and predominate the Leaderboard Rankings * Collect / enjoy the spoils of your adventure / conflicts and lay claim to special Heroes and rare items! RICH AND EXPANSIVE CONTENT * Investigate Grand Gaia and discover new worlds through over 500 story-driven missions * Uncover persuasive narrative arcs and legendary sagas of heroes and gods. PLAY WITH FRIENDS * Join forces with fellow Summoners for co-op game modes, to farm rare materials to craft strong objects and spheres * Join with millions of gamers throughout the globe for more reinforcement options and Honor Points * Type / combine guild and devise strong camaraderie with fellow Summoners. Contribute to the Guild to bring it to higher heights to obtain Guild-exclusive rewards, heroes and skills Participate in Guild Raids and fight for honor and glory to function as Top Ranking Guilds * Share approaches with engaging Guild members real time during Guild Raids with Guild Chat Will you rise to your battle and proceed down in Grand Gaia history as a legend? Join forces with countless Summoners in your epic journey nonetheless! But some in-game items may also be bought for actual cash. SUPPORT Having technical trouble adventuring in Grand Gaia? Were glad to assist! Performance isn't guaranteed on devices with less than 1.5 GB RAM. ** 2.5 GB free space in phone internal memory is suggested to set up the game together with each one the contents that are downloadable. ** Contact us for additional help on technical issue.
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