Life Simulator 3 - Real Life

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Author: Playdrop
Category: Games, Simulation
Rating: 4.3
Size: 11M
Version: 146.310321.23
THE MOST REALISTIC LIFE SIMULATOR GAME AVAILABLE Life Simulator AVATAR CUSTOMISATION - Make a custom avatar! CAREERS - There are over 130 different jobs offered in Life Simulator 3 - Real Life - By Dish Washing to Palaeontology, the world is your oyster! - Maybe come to be a Judge? Or a film producer? The decision is completely up to you - act as a sailboat captain or even a martial arts instructor, Life Simulator 3 provides all of it! EDUCATION - Choose your own study course that will assist you to get the best jobs - Life Simulator 3 - Real Life attributes around 100 educational pathways - Get a Pilots License? Even research Wildlife Conservation! - Study the very best classes, get the best jobs, become the richest person! - Crazy amount of education for a simulator game! SOCIALISE - Socialise with friends - Meet someone so far - Move in together! - Once you go in, you receive their salary added to yours! GET YOUR OWN PLACE - Move out of your parents home - Get a trendy Penthouse Apartment or reach for the stars and purchase a castle! - Your spouse is able to move in with you! - Live the life of simulator lavish! CELEBRITY - Become a star! - Easter eggs that allow you to become a film star, singing feeling or internet famous! - Earn the most money possible! GO SHOPPING - Purchase cars, planes, boats and more! - Purchase presents for your spouse - Live the good life RELATIONSHIPS - Get into a relationship and get married! - Proceed in together - Purchase presents for your spouse - Maintain the relationship strength up! - As close to real life as a simulator gets - Maintain your dating spouse happy! START A FAMILY - Have children and encourage them until they leave home! - Pay for Childcare - Twist them birthday parties - Take your children on vacations, maintain the connections powerful! MANAGE YOUR FINANCES - Keep on top of your financing! - Manage bills like Utilities and Web! - This really is rather close to real life as it gets - Maintain your financing positive and live a life of luxurious with your dating PETS - Get adorable pets, and watch your social life ! IDLE PROFITS - Earn cash while idle! - Catch your work and education, and return after move up the career ladder! - Idle profile! - Idle Life Simulator! The most real life simulator game! Gain idle profits! If you want to realize a distinct language encouraged, please allow me to know! Follow us Facebook to find the most recent news and give codes Don't hesitate to drop us a proposition or question, just email us!
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