Argo's Choice: Visual novel, noir adventure story

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Author: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
Category: Adventure, Games
Rating: 4.3
Size: 71M
Version: 1.2.5
An interactive story thats determined by your own options! Argos secretive story begins in a shadowy world colored by corruption and crime. Can you get bored while studying novels? Are you sick of the same conversing game, story match, but nevertheless possess a love for interactive story games, visual novels, selection games, or noir games? An entertaining story unfolds depending on the users options in the story game Argos Choice. This story game is at a visual novel format, and tells a story of various intriguing characters within an episodic and conversing manner. An visual novel that cant be compared with additional story matches, its the greatest noir adventure game thats unlike any other game youve played before. A very long night. Its in this area which Argo begins to open up on his past... How can Argos last night wind? Game Introduction Chatting Game, Selection Game, Adventure Game possess a dialog at a similar way to Internet chatting, and choose Argos destiny through your own options. A single choice can influence the flow of the story as well as past relationships and character interactions within an unpredictable manner. Pay attention to Argos story. Your options will decide his destiny. Focus on your relationship with all the other personalities. Uncover their secrets. Youre free to make any decisions, but you wont know the consequences of your choices till its too late. Please be wary of your own choices. - A profound storytelling experience that provides drama and entertainment. - Easy to play~ A potent story! - Various endings depending upon your options, and assorted achievements that add more fun to the game! - Noir design text adventure game - A distinctive indie game with a chatting game system A profoundly immersive text which presents a brief and powerful story. Play and encounter a storyline that changes its end determined by the choices you make. Unlock all of the many achievements and hidden stories. The story of Argo that begins at the shadowy back street pub, STYX. An interactive story series that occurs in Seven Days! Argos Choice! Download now and see Argos destiny through your own options. A must play game for folks that enjoy mystery games, story games, noir games, conversing games, selection games, and visual. Additional notes! - Meet numerous different personalities as they appear in the story. - Find all of the hidden stories to those figures. - This noir visual novel is an interactive story game which varies depending on your options. - You will find even more tales out there. Allow us a minute to tell you about the various visual novels, adventure games, and story matches. Recommended into the next individuals! - grossing match for men and women that enjoy noir games. - Recommended for those that enjoy unique tales or story-based games. - A noir game for noir and crime tales. - A highly recommended game for folks that enjoy free games, indie games, and interactive story matches. - For men and women who enjoy mystery or thriller novels. - A lifetime game for those that are bored of the typical story gameplay. - Recommended for those that enjoy unique indie games like Undertale. We need everyones help to create far much better story matches, mini games, puzzle games, puzzle games, and thriller games. Please recommend this story game to your family and friends. It'll be of a excellent help to people.
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