Overrun: Zombie Horde Apocalypse Survival TD Game

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Author: Wildfire Games Ltd.
Category: Games, Action
Rating: 4.4
Size: 86M
Version: 1.60
Of those Zombie shooting games, which is one of the best. Utilize strategy contrary to the infected, virus spreading walking dead to survive the next wave of zombies. Build your foundation, construct your armory, prepare to battle & shield your survivors against the hordes of attacking dead targets. Dont fall into a condition of decay by allowing the zombies to your foundation in this totally free to play with zombie tower defense game. PREPARE FOR ZOMBIE KILLING Apocalypse has exploded and also an extremely infectious virus has infected 99% of the populace of the planet, making zombies. The ones who are infected become crazed, bloodthirsty creatures. As the chief of a courageous set of survivors, it's down to you to prepare them to combat the hordes of zombies. Each time you complete a wave, your survivors will indent a few loot from the battle to resist the next wave of zombies. Often minor things like first aid kits and grenades but sometimes you find a true treasure like a cluster strike or napalm attack to actually blast the hell out of them. As the waves go by youll eventually unlock these things to buy in the apocalypse shop but it's still a wonderful free bonus. The undead strategy from each direction so youll need to be sure youre prepared for whatever. Each wave you finish rewards you with new structures and things to defend your base against the zombie army. COLLECT FREE LOOT & WEAPONS Collect Zombie Bucks from each zombie you kill and use them to prepare for the next wave. You can buy new things to use mid-wave like explosives, distractions, and power ups and a whole lot more. Alternatively you can use your Zombie Bucks to buy more defensive arrangements to protect your survivors from the hordes of zombies. The zombie apocolypse weapon shop will restock its inventory each and every wave, providing you with the choice of trading Zombie Bucks to get a new weapon or two. Ensure that to keep enough cash saved up for this rocket launcher or even 50 caliber rifle youve always wanted. MANAGE YOUR TEAM New Australians will hear your accomplishments with the zombies and may want to join your group. They will bring a weapon and will frequently have enhanced stats compared to the survivors in your group. Careful though since you can only support a limited amount of survivors so that you may need to make a difficult choice. You can also manage your set of misfits by minding them up to boost their wellbeing and stats, providing them body armor, and healing them if they had been damaged in the prior round. Doing this before beginning a wave will provide you a massive advantage as the zombies get harder and more difficult to kill. FIGHT THE HORDE OF ZOMBIES Control in which your survivors focus their firepower and transfer them from tricky spots whenever they hold back the oncoming waves of their dead. Use grenades, molotovs and other useful items that you have collected to help them fight off the hordes of undead. Have what it takes to survive? Download Overrun, among the best zombie games available on Google Play NOW! ___________________________________________________________________________ Note: We welcome any and all feedback throughout your experience to improve the game. To submit feedback please send an email to feedback@wildfire-games.com
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